The Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery is one of those “must-visit” destinations when visiting the Yarra Valley, assuming you like chocolate and are wiling to identify yourself as a tourist. The Chocolaterie is located on the Melba Highway just outside the Yarra Glen township, some 60 minutes from Melbourne.

Set on 16 hectares, it’s a very nice place to visit and there’s some stunning scenery to enjoy. The “architect designed” chocolaterie building itself is well laid out and there’s plenty of parking, as you’d expect from a major tourist destination. I bet it’s mad here on weekends.

You can see the chocolatiers at work, behind glass of course. There wasn’t much happening this morning.

There’s plenty to taste if you’re up for a freebie, although I dare you to leave without buying something. There are over 250 varieties of chocolate and gifts to choose from!

We visited during the week before Easter so there was plenty of egg-action to be had.

This looks rather indulgent, and would make a great gift. All of their products are very attractively packaged.

Chocolate with “local scenes”? Sure, why not.

Anyone for chocolate tea?


More nuts.

Chocolate snakes!

No doubt the overseas tourist market accounts for a large percentage of their sales, and there are some peculiar Australian flavours to try. You can also buy chocolate moulded into the shape of any Australian animal you can think of.

These are just plain weird. Caramelised sesame & celery??

I think I need some chocolate therapy.

There’s ice cream, if you haven’t had enough chocolate.

I cannot confirm or deny that I bought something orange. They might have been delicious.

If you can get past the chocolate and still have some money left, there’s a cafe that serves savoury lunch dishes, cold & hot drinks and even breakfast. You can see the full cafe menu here.

You can sit inside or outside, and the view is quite spectacular. The service was friendly, if a little slow.

The chocolate brownies look more like paving slabs!

We tried the triple-chocolate-mousse…

…wiith extra melted chocolate, of course. As you would expect, this was beautiful but incredibly rich. Definitely for sharing.

The “Choccamochachino”.

I can’t resist a good mikshake, and they have some interesting creations as you can see here.

I’m not a big fan of coconut but I tried the Coconut Salted Caramel and it was quite delicious – seriously smooth, with the perfect amount of saltiness. The Brownie Crumble would be my next choice.

The Chocolaterie exists purely to sell you chocolate & relatively expensive cafe food, but you know that long before you walk through the door so there’s no reason to criticise. All of their products are immaculately packaged – and what we tasted was of very high quality – so even if you’re not a chocolate fan it’s a great place to do your holiday gift shopping.

It’s open every day of the year (except for Christmas Day) from 9am to 5pm, and should definitely be on your list of places to visit if you’re visiting the Yarra Valley.