Qantas Business Class breakfast – Yarra Valley diaries, part 1

Late last year, Renay and I decided to take a trip to see my favourite musician David Gray in concert at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne on Easter Sunday, and added a few days leave to make the most of the extra-long weekend. Of course great food was at the top of our agenda, although being in need of some rest we agreed to escape the bustle of Melbourne city and spend a week in the Yarra Valley before heading to St Kilda for the final two days.

A few days before leaving we received an email offer from Qantas to “bid” on a business class upgrade with cash and Frequent Flyer points, which we were lucky enough to win. We flew out early on the Monday before Easter, and headed excitedly to the Qantas Club Lounge only to find it overflowing with FIFO workers! After a long wait for coffee, the only hot breakfast we could find was toast-it-yourself ham & cheese sandwiches so we decided to wait for the plane.

qantas menu

Qantas business class meals are “designed” by Neil Perry, and here’s the breakfast menu we were presented with. It wasn’t quite clear how it was going to work, and it turned out that all passengers received the yoghurt, with the rest of the “small plate” items dispensed by an enthusiastic hostess who wouldn’t take no for an answer.


The yoghurt with blueberry compote was of high quality, and a rather large serving. From the bread basket I chose some sourdough and the just-warm caramelised onion turnover, which was quite delicious and my favourite part of the meal.


Onto “main plates”, and Renay chose the red capsicum, fennel and thyme tart with slow roasted tomatoes and rocket which was surprisingly fresh and tasty – certainly better than I would normally expect from airline food.


I chose the tilsit (it’s a type of Swiss cheese – I had to look that up) and parsley omelette with bacon, mushrooms and spinach, which was also rather good. The omelette was well cooked, and you could actually taste the individual ingredients.

Flying business class was a great start to our holiday, and the good food, excellent service and comfy(er) seats made the journey rather enjoyable.

Next stop, the Yarra Valley…

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Martin was born in England but now lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has a passion for breakfast, coffee, hot curries & fast food, and is a cat & Dalek person.

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