Why Caravaning Is Still A Brilliant Travel Style

In the age of gigantic commercial airliners like the A380 that can carry over 500 people at 600mph, does the humble caravan still matter? You could go anywhere in the world these days, nothing is stopping you. But there’s going on holiday and then there’s traveling. For going to one single destination from which all else will occur, then take the impressive 4-engined airliner. But when it comes to going to multiple different locations, in your own time and at your own leisure, then the humble caravan is still the best option. It’s quite literally a home away from home, somewhere you can rest your weary head while on the road. It’s familiar, comfortable and has all the necessities of a good living standard you will need. Actually, these days the caravan isn’t so humble, because newer models all have an air of luxury to them.

The choice you have

There’s absolutely no limit to the choices you have. Contrary to what you may have heard, the caravan industry has not dwindled. In fact with more and more people entering into the middle class, it’s becoming quite popular again. A model like Knuse Travelino weighs between 650 and 760 kg, which is great for fuel savings. It’s designed to be lightweight yet the top model does have a shower. The usual wash basin and mirror cabinet are both neatly packed. You have bi-fold doors and a seperate toilet washbasin room as well. For those that want more luxury, the Lunar Delta TR is one of the top range models for caravan lovers. It has two adjacent sofas, plenty of ceiling lights all around, and a chest of drawers. There’s of course a sink, toilet washbasin room and a cooker to make you hot meals. There are plenty of cupboards to store all your cutlery and plates safely. The upholstery is cotton and with plenty of cushioning. 

Whenever you’re ready

Would-be caravan owners have been put off the prospect of owning their own model because of the conundrum of storage. Where do you store such a large home on wheels? You can’t just keep your caravan in the street and you might not have the space for it in your garage. In that case you can utilize a caravan storage service that keeps your car and your caravan safe. They have spaces open for all shapes and sizes of caravan. They will protect it underneath a tarp so no wind or rain damage can occur. They also have security on the premises where they store your caravan so there’s no way your property will get broken into.

The best ideas

Caravanning has always been popular because nations are always offering to accommodate such travelers. The UK is notorious for this as there are many caravan-only sites all across the nation. These are usually near great attractions and locations where there are plenty of sightseeing opportunities. There’s no shortage of caravan travel ideas that’s for sure.

This is not a pastime, it’s actually growing in popularity. Carvaning is an excellent way to see the world on your terms, while staying in a home away from home. 

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