Why Buffets Are the Best Places to Be


You may have a particular favourite when it comes to eating out, but more often you might be attracted to buffets, especially on special holidays.

Be aware of your budget, or know how much you are willing to spend, given the time you may be allowed to eat. Whether it is a seafood buffet, foreign cuisine, or pastries buffet, it would be quite fun if you can have a little bit of everything for a limited time.

Why Go to Buffets?

  • The possibilities are endless.

That is what a buffet is for. Food will be laid out in front of you, yours for the taking. You need to pick and choose what you would like. Make sure to pace yourself, especially if the time you are allowed to eat is a bit long. You would not want to miss out on the delicious fare in front of you.

  • Sample all you want

A buffet would surely present you a lot of food options, and yes, you might want to try everything. Try taking a sample of the dishes you are not familiar with, and see what you would like to try again. While narrowing down the meals you want, you get to sample other ones as well.

  • Decisions, decisions, decisions

The one important question that might be in your head at a buffet restaurant is, “Where do I start?” Roam around, select your favourites, and dig in. You can have everything on a buffet, so enjoy! It is exciting to eat at a buffet, so remember where you got your favourites, and go back whenever you want to.

Useful Tips for Eating at a Buffet

  • Eat a light meal

You have to prepare your stomach before the buffet. If you know the time you need to be at the buffet restaurant, go for a simple meal three hours before. Your hunger once you get to the restaurant should be manageable. It should not be too much where you will grab the first dish you see.

  • Be mobile

You can do this when you cannot decide where to start off. Buffets would usually have sections for fruits, desserts or meats, so walk around and decide what you would like to eat first then work your way around for your first plate. Repeat when you are ready for the second one.

  • Choose wisely

The available choices may be overwhelming, and you may tend to heap spoonfuls of desserts or ladles of pasta on your plate. If you are feeling FOMO, try to get samples of each dish that you find interesting. This tactic is also to avoid having to waste a lot of uneaten food.

  • Go back for seconds

Do this after you have chosen your favourites after you are done with your samples. You can always get another serving. If you are at a seafood buffet, get one or two pieces of mussels, before deciding if you would like seconds.

  • Have happy thoughts

When you are feeling a bit lonely, you might want to eat more than what you could. Try as much as you can to have happy thoughts when you are on your way to a buffet restaurant. If not, go with a friend when he/she is about to get a plate and talk about the ones that you think both of you would enjoy. Once you get back to your table, at least there are two of you who could polish off the plate instead of just you.

Last Points to Remember

Yes, you are at a buffet, but you are not obligated to go for seconds if you don’t feel like it. If you are already full, then mingle with the people you are with. You could also mill around looking at the other plates, walking around, and possibly making room for a few more bites.

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