What to Pack for Your Australian Road Trip

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Australia is a country that has so much to offer no matter which part you are visiting, all the way from Brisbane to Perth, so why not go on a road trip and ensure that you capture every single ounce of beauty that Australia has to offer? Because road trips can take a long time to complete, you need to make sure that you know exactly what to pack to see you through your brand-new adventure. If you’re stressing about what to take with you, read this list of Australian road trip packing essentials to make sure that you’re fully prepared.

Suitable Footwear

The footwear that you take with you will depend largely on the type of vacation that you’re going for. If you want to spend a lot of time exploring some of Australia’s best nightlife, pack some more dressy or posh looking shoes such as heels or brogues. If you prefer to see the wonders of nature and discover the amazing variety of wildlife that Australia has to offer, make sure that the shoes you pack are comfortable to walk long distances in and, if you own any with this feature, have good ventilation. If your feet are sweating, it not only makes the walking uncomfortable, but can also cause blisters and damage your feet.

Skin Care

Just because you’re away from your home, doesn’t mean that you have to leave your skin care routine behind. You want to make sure that you look the best on your travels, not only for those Instagram worthy photos, but also to keep yourself happy during your vacation – if your skin is dry and cracking, you’re much less likely to enjoy yourself. Make sure that you pack plenty of facewash, natural moisturiser and other toiletries for your new life on the road. If you frequently wear makeup, make sure that you don’t forget makeup remover, as there is nothing worse than applying fresh makeup over old, and your skin will definitely thank you for it. If you’re going to be hiking often, or spending lots of time on the white beaches, it is essential that you take sun cream and protect yourself from painful burns and possible sun caused illnesses.

Technology Essentials

It may seem like an obvious reminder to any traveller, but phone chargers and other essential technology items like cameras are some of the most common items that people forget when they are packing for their holidays. Phone chargers are an absolute must have for any traveller, as you can’t be sure how long you’re going to be out exploring the Australian wildlife, so it’s extremely important that you keep your phone fully charged at all times. Whilst most phones have great cameras on them nowadays, nothing can beat the professional look and powerful zoom that a handheld camera can supply, so make sure that you take a camera with you to capture all of the amazing memories that you can make whilst travelling through Australia.

Road trips are amazing experiences that can create memories to last a lifetime, but to fully enjoy these experiences and memories, you need to make sure that you pack everything that is needed and make any silly mistakes. Ensure that you can enjoy your Australian road trip with this list of packing items that are not to be forgotten.

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