Weird: Pic Nic Pants

From the crazy file today we have a new invention from Italian design firmΒ Acquacalda – Pic Nic Pants.

The photographs say it all, really. These jeans provide a handy table for use when at a picnic or other occasion that requires you to eat sitting cross-legged. That all seems fine, although the table’s proximity to your crotch might make it a little hazardous for hot foods or a scalding cup of tea.

The English version of the Acquacalda website says: “Fashion imposes forms to whom finding a function seems a must. Pic nic pants take advantage of the usual cross-legged position to become a comfortable surface useful for consumption of a meal outdoors. Laterally pants have an orientable pocket for drinks”. Well that clears things up.

No word on availability, or whether you make a funny flapping sound when you walk in them.


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