Weight Loss Guide for Females Over 35

For most women, the scale seems stuck as soon as they hit their thirties. This is an entirely regular occurrence at this stage in life. According to researchers, once women hit 35 years, their metabolism takes a dip which means they burn fewer calories doing the same activities

Even those individuals that never had any issues managing their weight during their twenties and early thirties may have a problem with their weight after 35.

Further research indicates that metabolism slows down by about 5% every ten years. This means by the time you are 35; you will be burning 100 fewer calories than you were when you were 25, at 45, that makes it 200 less.

In addition to slowed metabolism, women are also unlikely to eat healthy as they try to balance work and home responsibilities. Hormonal imbalance is yet another contributing factor to weight loss at this stage in life.

However, this does not mean that women in this age bracket should give up on trying to lose weight. Below is a look at several tips that women, after 35, can use to lose weight.

1. Eat five times a day.

Scientists recommend eating three meals and two snacks a day. The bites should be strictly 200 calories or less each. To suppress your appetite, it is suggested that you go for high protein foods. Beef, boiled eggs, yoghurt, and protein shakes are all good picks for this.

2. Join friends with similar weight loss goals.

To achieve your goals of weight loss; you should join hands with people who have similar targets. This will give your peers who can motivate you to work harder. You also get to encourage each other during those times one feels like giving up.

3. Find a workout group.

Getting to work out with women within this particular age group can help you succeed in your weight loss goal. This is because you will be with people who will be going through the same motions as you. Issues that may affect a 20-year-old trying to lose weight will not be the same as those facing a 35-year-old.

4. Get enough sleep

At this age, most women will probably be young mothers and are likely to sleep less as a result of this. However, the lack of enough sleep has been proven to a contributing factor in weight gain. This is because hormones that are known to increase one’s appetite are said to be released as a result of sleep deprivation.

5. Make use of technology

Today, there are lots of apps in the market that can be used to motivate you to lose weight. Most smartphones come with pedometers that can be used to track the number of steps that you take each day. This will spur you to do more than the previous day, the next day, and so on with each extra step, meaning some more calories burned.


After 35, most women might struggle with weight loss, and however, by following the above tips, we believe they will have a better chance of losing weight.

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