It’s one of the simplest meals in the world. Take a slab of meat of your choice – or a medley of pressed veggies – and sandwich it between two slices of any type of bread or bun that you want. Boom – you’ve got yourself a simple burger. Its epic simplicity means that you can add sauce and any toppings you like to complicate it and make it more delicious than you could have imagined.

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When you go on holiday, you expect to eat good food and have a good time, and arranging campervan hire Gold Coast is the best way to travel around to find the good food. Just north of the Gold Coast is Brisbane, and when you want to find good food and good experiences, Brisbane is the place to go. For two centuries, burgers have been gracing the globe and making the mouths water of people all over. Every country has its own take on a burger, which means that not all burgers are created equal. Fried chicken burgers, vegetarian bean burgers and juicy steak burgers all have the same simple system and all taste so different from one another. Not every burger is going to come off the back of a roadside van and not every burger is going to be delectably gourmet. One thing is for sure though, finding the tastiest ones is an adventure in appetite! So, when heading up the coast to Brisbane, where should you be looking for the best burgers your dollars can buy?

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Greaser Bar. Named Greaser, this joint has everything you could want in the perfect cheeseburger. It’s a rock and roll bar that mimics the US with its burgerlicious offerings. It’s simple, classy and you can slap on a pile of mac n cheese to get that truly authentic American burger experience.

The Triffid. The place to head on your way to a concert, The Triffid has the trifector of burgers. Sliders of halloumi, three cuts of beef and crispy fried chicken are all on offer here and you can grab them in their miniature form if you simply have to have them all.

Miel Container. Have you ever bought a burger from the inside of a shipping container before? Now’s the time. Road-tripping in a campervan from the Gold Coast to Brisbane means knowing your destination and if you want a new experience, the Korean BBQ bulgogi and the miso smoked pork belly burger are an experience in the creativity of the chefs. The middle of the CBD has so much to offer, including burgers in a shipping container!

Ze Pickle. Think brisket that has been smoked for twelve hours. Think a whole pickle on top of your burger. Think crispy chicken and maple bacon together. Ze Pickle is a joint to be revered for anyone who loves a burger without limits.

These are but a few of the burger bars in Brisbane where you can find some sun in your bun. There’s nothing better than road-tripping for the best burgers around, especially when your adventure doesn’t end!