Venn Opens a New Cafe in Bicton Central

Venn Bicton

Family-owned and run East Victoria Park institution Venn is pleased to announce the opening of its new cafe in Bicton Central this Saturday, May 4th. Joining the original Venn and its sister Little Venn, this third cafe brings the successful brand closer to Fremantle coffee drinkers. Free coffee will be served in the new cafe on opening day!

Venn Bicton

Husband-and-wife team Matt and Ash Kenworthy began their cafe journey in 2019. Rebranding as Venn in 2021, they significantly expanded their offering and established Venn as a strong part of the Victoria Park community.

“We wanted to put more of ourselves into the business, so we branched out on our own as Venn, sourcing and roasting our own coffee and doubling down on everything that our customers liked,” explains Matt. “We invested to make the cafe a more comfortable space, trying to accommodate as many groups of people as possible. We didn’t want a generic, cookie cutter venue.”

Venn Bicton

The new location in Bicton Central has been the result of a year-and-a-half’s searching for a venue that would allow the couple to replicate Venn in a new community. Joseph Geha, on behalf of Bicton Central, says that Venn will be a welcome addition to the shopping centre.

“So many of today’s retailers buy ‘nearly complete’ food that they simply finish off and present for purchase. We believe in and look for the opposite; for people who passionately work hard to make their food and beverage better,” he explained. “We call these people our ‘Makers’ and we knew Venn were the coffee Makers we wanted as soon as we met them.  We believe Venn will fit beautifully into our local community and be another great Maker in our centre.”

Venn Bicton

As well as its in-house roasted coffee, Venn is known for its wide range of bagels and acai bowls. Not wanting to change a successful formula, these will also be offered in Bicton. The menu is intentionally focused on quality and value for money, and Venn’s acai bowls have been carefully developed to meet a range of dietary requirements in a no-fuss way.

“Ash is coeliac, which inspired us to make a product that stood on its own and was able to hit as many allergen groups as possible,” says Matt. “All of our acai bowls are gluten-free, and most are either vegan or can be made vegan easily. For all diners, they hit the mark without feeling like you’ve had something taken away.”

Venn Bicton

Whether you’re an espresso, flat white or filter drinker, you can expect variety when you visit Venn.

“We offer a coffee experience like no one else in Perth. There are few places you could have one of ten different coffees on any given day,” says Matt. “We constantly rotate our retail selection, but we also rotate what we have on the coffee machine each day. You might have coffee from Brazil in the morning, and from Costa Rica in the afternoon.”

Venn Bicton

Retail is also part of the Venn offering, resulting from a desire to make coffee accessible to everyone and translate the cafe experience to home. Beans and equipment will be available for purchase, with the Bicton store offering up to ten different coffees. Beans can either be ground in-store or taken home whole.

Most importantly, the Bicton café will embody the philosophy and sense of family that has seen the Vic Park Venn flagship become a consistently busy community hub.

“Ultimately, people love our products, they love what we do. But they also love the service that our staff give. We hire and train people that care, and that comes through in the whole Venn experience. It doesn’t start from when someone takes a sip of their coffee, it’s from when they walk through the door,” Matt concludes.

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Imagery : Martin Eade

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