TweetPerth: Celebrate Australian bacon week!

There isn’t much that hasn’t been said about bacon, the salty, sweet, crispy “super food” that is irresistible to so many foodies. It has moved way beyond being just a breakfast food and we now find it in many savoury dishes, desserts and even drinks – it’s even been known to “cure” vegetarianism!

Bacon Week is an initiative of the Australian Pork industry to celebrate Australian bacon, and also draw attention to the competition it faces from imported product – more than two thirds of the bacon sold in Australia is made from imported, subsidised pork.

The celebration has seen creative bacon products created by Adriano Zumbo Patissier, Gelato Messina, Eau De Vie and the Rocks Brewing Company, while other restaurants and retailers are also on board.

There were 125 entries in this year’s Australian Bacon Awards, with the WA winners being Salume Amo (O’Connor) for best full rasher and Pingelly Quality Meats for best short cut rasher.

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