‘Turning Fast Food Into Healthy Food: Is It Possible?

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Fast food is one of our favourite things to eat, no matter how much you try to deny this fact. We all love going out to our favourite burger joints or curry house and letting loose. There’s just something so appealing about fast food that makes it so delicious – perhaps it’s the fact we know it’s not good for us, maybe that makes us want it even more? 

Well, if you want to get scientific, it’s probably the copious amounts of MSG that make it taste so good…anyway, that’s beside the point! 

In today’s article, we want to explore the idea of making fast food healthier. Is it possible to take some of your top fast food dishes and make them better for your body? The short answer is yes, you can. Realistically, you can achieve healthy fast food by making two little adjustments:

Make fast food from scratch

Instead of going out and buying a burger, why don’t you make it from scratch? The same goes for loads of other fast food dishes you might like, and the reason this can make them healthier is that you have total control over what goes into your food. No chemicals or additives are included, you control the salt levels, and you can make the dish as healthy as you want. Curries are the best example of this as you can make them super healthy and good for you. One of the most popular recipes from obesity specialist Dr Nick Fuller is actually a red curry, and the nutritional content is so much higher than one you’d buy from a takeaway shop. This is because you control how much oil is in there, you can add as much veg as you want and so on. 

Change the cooking method

Making a few changes to the cooking method can also make fast food so much tastier. For instance, let’s say you wanted some chips or fries for dinner. On their own, potatoes aren’t unhealthy. They’re a whole food that’s found in the earth, but chips are typically unhealthy because of how they’re cooked. You usually douse them in oil and fry them, making them super greasy, high in fat and very calorific. 

To alter this, you simply change the cooking method. Instead of a deep fat fryer, use an air fryer. Significantly less oil is used, making your chips much healthier. Alternatively, bake your chips in the oven with minimal oil. Again, you lower the calories of your chips, decrease the amount of fatty oil they’re covered in and have inherently healthier fast food at your disposal. 

See, it is possible to turn your favourite fast food dishes into healthier versions of themselves. By making things yourself, you control the quality of the ingredients and what goes into your food. You’re also able to control portion sizes a lot better, which makes the meal healthier. Similarly, you can alter the cooking method to ensure you’re using the healthiest ways of cooking, rather than frying everything in oil!

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