Travel-Friendly Snacks You Can Carry On A Family Holiday

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Family holidays are always exciting as you get to spend time with your loved ones. But it may be an expensive vacation as well, particularly if you have young children constantly asking for food. Eating out several times a day will drain your cash and may not be a great idea from a health perspective. Why not carry along some healthy snacking option that everyone can munch on when hunger strikes? These snacks can make great companions for long flights and never-ending road trips. Here are some travel-friendly snacks you can pack along for your next family trip.

Dried fruits

A healthy and refreshing snack, dried fruits are sure to be loved by every member of your family. What’s more, there is an amazing variety available in the catalogues of most of the retail stores. You can pick a few variants and give them one to try for every snack break. Or you can create a mix they’ll love. Dried fruits taste great and don’t make you feel heavy so that you can easily eat them while flying or commuting on the road.

Trail Mix

Another go-to snack while travelling with your loved ones is a trail mix. The best part is that they come in such an awesome range that you will be spoilt for choice. There are mixes made with candies, chocolates, nuts, seeds, granola and more. So you can pick a super-healthy and nutritious nuts-and-seeds mix for yourself and your spouse and pack a chocolate and candy mix for the kids. And you have the option to carry individual packs and mix them on-the-go.


If you want a superb snack that makes you feel good and peps up your energy levels, do carry healthy snacking bars along. Some protein bars, natural fruit bars, fruit and nut bars, and granola bars make a smart travel companion. You can explore Woolworths catalog for different types of bars available in the store and secure good discounts along as well. You will definitely find choices that will appeal to your taste buds.

Wholegrain Crackers

Vacation is a high-risk time from the weight gain perspective because you often tend to gorge on sugary cakes, cookies and oily chips. Why not carry along wholegrain crackers that satiate your hunger without piling up on calories with unhealthy sugar and fat? You can store them in airtight containers and munch on them any time during the day without feeling guilty.

Kale Chips

If your family loves savoury delights, kale chips serve as a healthy alternative to regular potato chips. Opt for the oven-baked variant instead of fried ones. Believe it or not, the little ones will also love them. And kale chips make a great option for the calorie-watchers as well. You can easily pack them for long road trips or take them along for a vacation as well.

If you are planning a family vacation soon, check the sale dates and deal coupons online to economise your snack shopping. You’ll probably have to carry a lot because you want to enjoy every moment and have a great time together!

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