Australia is home to many indigenous species that you won’t find anywhere else, including emus, koalas, and kangaroos. Thankfully, animal lovers don’t need to survive the outback when trying to get a peek at their favorite mammals and beasties. In Melbourne alone, there are some wonderful attractions that all wildlife lovers should know about. We have listed some of them right here, so whether you are a holidaymaker, or a lifelong resident of this great city, here are our recommendations.

Melbourne Zoo

The biggest zoo in Melbourne, this has everything you could ever hope to see. With over 300 species of animals, including kangaroos, lions, crocodiles, and wombats, you won’t be disappointed. Only five minutes from the city center, you will soon be heading off for a wildlife adventure, with rainforests, bushlands, and underwater attractions.Your only problem may be trying to see everything, so be sure to pick up a map and plan out your visit.

Reptile Encounters

Billed as ‘Melbourne’s Mobile Zoo,’ Reptile Encounters will bring some of Australia’s greatest wildlife to you. While reptiles are a given, from snakes to crocodiles, these wildlife ambassadors also display a range of other creatures, including marsupials, cockatoos and even a shark. Perfect for school groups, birthday parties, and community events, this conservation group promises to both educate and entertain people of all ages.

Cat Café

Welcome to Australia’s first cat café. This may not be the place to go for anybody looking for kangaroos and koala bears (think of the mess they would make), but for cat lovers, this will be heavenly. Not only can you have a coffee and a snack while playing with the café’s friendly resident cats, but you can also adopt a feline friend if there is one you particularly fall in love with.

Sea Life Aquarium

Take an underwater journey and get an up close and personal look at life in the ocean depths. See inside a crocodile’s lair, and meet Pinjarra, the 50-year old saltwater croc. View hundreds of tropical fish, and see if you can find both Nemo and Dory. Have fun with the penguins, gasp in awe at the sharks, and gaze with wonder at the huge stingrays. Some of the greatest animals in Australia live in the oceans, and this is the perfect place to see them in all their magnificent glory.

Werribee Open Range Zoo

A massive, open range environment, where you can take an African safari without leaving Melbourne. Tours are running daily, giving you the opportunity to observe grassland animals, including rhinos, zebras, bison, and giraffes. You should also check out the silverback gorillas, and step onto the wetlands and have a look at the hippos, basking in all their glory. Of course, you can still experience the best of what Australia has to offer, with koalas, emus, bandicoots, and kangaroos all present and correct in some of the grasslands.


These are just some of the places Melbourne has to offer wildlife lovers, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the greatest animals in the world.


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