Thursday cheeseburger special at Old Faithful Bar & BBQ, Perth

Old Faithful

I’m lucky enough to work just around the corner from Old Faithful Bar & BBQ on King Street just out of the Perth CDB, although I usually grab lunch to take back to the office so it’s not somewhere I eat that often. Besides, it feels a little odd to go to a rather small, dark bar in the middle of the day…

The last few times I’ve visited it’s been fairly quiet and more lunch-like than bar-like, however a couple of weeks ago we went to try the Thursday-only double cheeseburger special ($17) and it was very busy. All of the tables were occupied so we had to sit at the bar and were continually pestered to buy a drink, which was a little off-putting when we were just there to eat. Thankfully our food arrived quickly and we were in and out in under 30 minutes.

Old FaithfulAs for the burger, it was really good – very moist and you could tell the patty was freshly made. Nice brioche, too, although the whole thing was rather big and hard to shove in your mouth! There’s also get a quad-burger for $29, good luck trying to eat that without an apron.

I’m loving being able to get a decent burger in Perth, and now I have Old Faithful, Ribs & Burgers and East Village all within walking distance of my work. It’s a hard life.

Old Faithful I’m keen to sample some of the ribs and meat available at Old Faithful, I’ve only ever had a roll or burger and haven’t been disappointed – this one is pulled pork and slaw.

Old FaithfulI tried this the last time I visited, being physically incapable of resisting anything orange flavoured. It was an interesting drink, with a very strong flavour of vanilla.

Old Faithful PerthOne thing I can recommend is the smoked fried potatoes – make sure you leave enough room for a serving of these, they’re better than any chips!

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