Three Tips For The Perfect Island Getaway

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You’re probably dreaming of a vacation right now. So is pretty much everybody else in Australia. Island holidays are likely to be especially popular since they really are an opportunity to get away from it all. This does, however, mean, that island vacations generally benefit from a bit of advanced planning. With that in mind, here are some tips to help.

Do plenty of research before you pick a destination

With most destinations, seasons matter. This tends to be especially true of islands. In the Caribbean, for example, the climate is a tropical paradise for part of the year and a total washout for part of the year.  

You might also want to be careful chancing your luck with the “shoulder season”. Remember that on islands, even larger and/or popular ones, everything tends to be in relatively short supply. This means that if the weather is particularly bad for the time of year, transport may be significantly disrupted and facilities may be/stay closed.

Book as much as you can in advance

At the very least, book your accommodation in advance. A quick internet search on a term like “best hamilton island accommodation” can give you everything you need to make an informed choice.  

Remember, on the mainland, if you can’t find accommodation where you want it, you can just move further out. On an island, you might not be able to do that at all. If you can it may be very inconvenient and/or expensive. If you’ve missed the last plane/ferry then your options are basically to charter a private option or to find somewhere to stay.  

Even if you can make the last plane/ferry, you may find tickets are very expensive and you may still have the problem of finding somewhere to stay when you arrive. You’ll also have to decide whether or not to head back to the island and if so how.

Transport can also be an issue on islands. Very few of them have train networks. Often the best you can hope for is buses. What’s more, the routes may be limited and the schedules highly variable. In many cases, it’s best either to bring your own car or hire one. If you’re going for the latter option, then, again, it’s highly advisable to book in advance.

Think about how to keep your valuables safe

On the mainland, holidays are often basically about visiting attractions and going on tours. That can certainly apply on an island. Realistically, however, the nature of islands means that you’re probably going to spend a fair bit of time on, in or at least near water and probably sand as well.

This has clear implications for protecting your belongings. In addition to the usual holiday-/travel-safety precautions, you’re going to need to think about beach activities and the effect of water, salt and sand. Ideally, you’ll either leave valuables in your room, have someone watch them or take them with you in a suitable case.

Whatever approach you take, it’s definitely worth investing in premium, waterproof cases for any electronics you have. It’s also advisable to invest in a robust, waterproof container for personal valuables like cash, cards and jewellery.

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