Three Pro BBQ Tips to Help You Achieve Restaurant Results in Your Yard

If you’ve ever tried to recreate your favourite char-grilled restaurant dish at home, you’ll know that mastering your grilling technique is key. Whether you want to make the perfect grilled Exmouth tiger prawns or grill steaks that would make you weep with joy, these three grilling tips will help you achieve BBQ perfection.      

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Know Your Temperatures

Yes, knowledge is power! To achieve perfect results on the grill, it’s incredibly useful to know how hot your grill is, as well as the internal temperature of your meat. If you don’t have a meat thermometer, consider getting yourself one of these handy grilling accessories and take the guesswork out of the perfect BBQ. A top-quality grill, like many of your favourite Weber products, will have an inbuilt temperature gauge on the lid to tell you the overall ambient temperature inside your grill. These two pieces of information will let you fine-tune your grill techniques and cooking times, producing perfect results every time. Now all you have to do is get to grips with how to control the temperature on your BBQ (hint: it’s not all about adding charcoal!) and you’ll be golden.

Rest the Meat

Once your meat has reached the minimum internal temperature required for it to be called ‘cooked’, it’s time for a rest. (Note: seafood does not need to be rested, so feel free to gobble that up immediately!) A good way to rest your meat is to wrap it loosely in foil, creating a tent shape, which allows movement of air, so the meat won’t continue to cook once it’s off the heat. Ten minutes rest is a good rule of thumb, but your optimal resting time will depend on the type of meat, the cut, and the thickness. Allowing your meat time to rest gives it time for the muscle fibers to relax and reabsorb the juices. The result is perfect, moist, juicy, meat. Who’s hungry?

Image Source: Pexels CC0 Licence

Oil the Grate

There’s nothing more disappointing than throwing an expensive piece of fish onto the grill, only to have it stick and break apart when you try to flip it. Fish is a prime candidate for sticking on the grill, but other meats will stick, too, especially if they have been sitting in a marinade. A well-oiled grill is the answer to this problem, but don’t simply throw oil on, whatever you do. For best results, pour a little vegetable oil (something that can withstand high temps, like canola oil) into a bow, and dunk a folded paper towel in. Let the drips stop, then run the paper town over the grates, ensuring a thin but even coating of oil. It’s crucial to start with clean grates, as your non-stick coating won’t work if it’s simply going to fry little bits of last week’s feast.

Whether you have plans for a big weekend BBQ with all your family and friends, or you’re cooking for the family at home, these quick grilling tips will help you achieve your BBQ goals.

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