The Shelf Life Review: Two Fool Collective

It’s time to get back to product reviews, and I’m starting with these samples kindly provided by Two Fool Collective, a new Perth based manufacturer of relishes, sauces and rubs. The packaging is great for a new brand…let’s see if they’re style over substance…

Chilli Relish – not over the top spice-wise, this sweet and spicy relish has a heat that pleasantly lingers on your tongue. This would be a perfect accompaniment for cold meat, in a sandwich or perhaps alongside a hot pie.

Truffle Black Garlic Mustard – based around Dijon mustard, this mix of black garlic, paprika, turmeric and truffle “aroma” is an intense combination that screams “bratwurst”. If you like robust flavours, this is definitely one to try. Packs an impressive punch for something out of a jar.

Jalapeno Hot Sauce – a different flavour than I was expecting, with a strong dose of apple cider vinegar and lime juice making this much more interesting than jalapenos alone. It’s not too hot, but could easily be a gateway sauce to dangerously hotter varieties. This would be great with scrambled eggs.

Caramelized Onion Jam – fantastically rich, you could do just about anything with this. Cheese plate, on the side of a quiche, on a hot dog with truffle black garlic mustard…or just eat it with a spoon.

Spiced Mango Chutney – I love a spicy mango chutney, sometimes they are all sweet with no oomph. This one doesn’t go too far, and would go very nicely with a curry or the after-Xmas ham.

Tomato Relish – a bit more spiced than many similar relishes, this is another one that would be great for the breakfast or Xmas table, or perhaps a ham & cheese toastie.

Thanks to Two Fool Collective for providing these to test. Follow them on insta for more info on these great local products! @twofoolcollective

The Shelf Life verdict

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