The Shelf Life Review: Spudshed Spuddies Potato Chips

Okay, here’s one for the WA readers (and I’ve had several requests) – Spudshed Spuddies potato chips. Developed in response to recent supply issues (and how much we hate evil chip manufacturers from over East) these well publicised chips have been made in WA from local potatoes.

Available in plain, chicken, barbecue and salt & vinegar, it seems the plain are very popular and were sold out. They’re $4 for a 300g bag so value for money is already good. Even the packaging feels quality.

So how were they? CRUNCHY. Like those rare times you get a bag of Smith’s etc that you can tell are very fresh. As for the flavour… finally, someone made an effort with chicken. These are very well seasoned, and whilst not a flavour I normally buy, I’ll happily eat from this super snack sack

Hard to fault. Great job Spudshed.


The Shelf Life Verdict
The Shelf Life verdict

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