The Shelf Life Review: Pizza Hut SpongeBob Wings

I recently lost the family dinner vote, so Pizza Hut it was. It’s something I don’t mind every now and then (as long as there’s a stuffed crust) and it reheats well the next day in the air fryer.

I spotted the SpongeBob SquarePantsย promotion and decided to try the wings (boneless are better value). The unnaturally coloured sauce is described as “tangy pineapple, sweet chilli with a little spicy kick of jalapeno”. I normally find the Pizza Hut wing sauces a bit generic / bottle-ish tasting but this one was quite different. Definitely sweet, pineapple-ish, garishly yellow and with a surprisingly decent kick which I thought was more like habanero.

I think this would be overpowering on a pizza given the sweetness, but I would definitely order again on wings (or stash a bottle in the pantry). Surprisingly enjoyable, and worth trying if you’re ordering from Pizza Hut already.

(And no, I didn’t try the dill pickle, zesty mustard and bacon bit ice cream)


The Shelf Life Verdict
The Shelf Life verdict

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