The Shelf Life Review: McDonald’s Steakhouse Stack

It seems like ages since we’ve had a truly different burger from Macca’s, rather than just a variant of a classic. The Steakhouse Stack is a UK favourite, described as a “hearty winter indulgence featuring two 100% Aussie beef patties, creamy peppercorn mayo, crispy onions, red onions, shredded lettuce and two slices of Aussie jack cheese. All served on a toasted gourmet bun.”

Sounds good, looks great. See below to see how mine actually looked…. but I have to say I really enjoyed this burger. It’s the red onions that make the difference, adding REAL texture and flavour. The mayo doesn’t overpower, and the bun is nice too. Did mine have lettuce? I think so… Despite the looks, I’ll be back for another.

The Shelf Life Review:

Mozzarella sticks are back too, I think they’re the same as last time – cheesy but the ones I had today didn’t stretch at all. They come with sweet chilli sauce instead of the excellent chilli jam from last time, which is a bit of a shame.

All in all, good job Macca’s.

The Shelf Life verdict

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