The Shelf Life Review: McDonald’s Pineapple Sundae, Pineapple Fritters and Aussie Angus Deluxe

Today was McDonald’s Summer Phase 2 launch, with a couple of new-ish burgers and some pineapple sweet things.

The disorganised but structurally sound burger is the Aussie Angus Deluxe, which of course has beetroot in it (But no egg. And where’s the carrot?). I don’t normally go for the Angus creations, but I have to admit I liked this. Having tomato relish instead of a slab of tomato is nice, and the aioli really tastes of garlic. It’s a decent size, too.

So on to the pineapple sundae. I was pleasantly surprised here, the syrup / sauce has plenty of pineapple pieces in it, which makes a big difference. I was wondering why there was no shake but now I can see why. I was asked if I wanted it with choc soft serve but that sounds weird. And it’s time for transparent cardboard cups.

The fritters… are also good. The coating was crisp, a bit more crumb-y than Red Rooster and the pineapple not quite as sweet. Mixing these with your sundae is an absolute no-brainer.

Great job, Macca’s.

The Shelf Life verdict

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