The Shelf Life Review: Hungry Jacks Mega Jack

With all the noise over multiple sizes of Big Mac and the Hungry Jack’s “equivalents”, I figured it was time to try the HJs Mega Jack. A Big Mac is often my Macca’s order, so it’s a concept I’m familiar with.

The first observation – even more amazing given this was delivered – is how decent this burger looks. Often a Macca’s burger will look like it’s been assembled from a distance even when dining in. You can see from the cross-section that my local HJs (Morley) did a good job.

As for the burger itself, what we effectively have is a double Whopper with lots of onions, lettuce and pickles. There’s only one slice of cheese (on the bottom half) which I think is a big mistake. The sauce doesn’t taste different to a “normal” HJs burger and ultimately it feels like a Whopper with too much missing. The extra bit of bread didn’t add anything.

This missed the mark for me, and I’ll be sticking with the original.


The Shelf Life Verdict
The Shelf Life verdict

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