The Shelf Life Review: Hungry Jack’s Burger Bites

Hungry Jack’s latest limited creation is “Burger Bites”, basically the burger equivalent of popcorn chicken. Advertised as containing beef, cheese and ketchup, they’re $5.95 for 20 bites which isn’t too bad, especially since you’re not forced to buy them in a combo.

As you can see from my pics, they come in an oddly large container that makes it look like they missed half your order. But no, there’s 20 in here. Sizing is very much like KFC popcorn chicken, and they do vary in size and shape. There must be around 40 in the marketing pic.

Firstly, I was pleased they don’t taste overwhelmingly of pickle. Before reading the blurb I thought there was some in there and figured that was the green blob you can see in the last photo. But now I don’t know what that was ? there’s certainly no sign of cheese like in the marketing pic.

I found these rather salty and a little chewy but not offensive. They need to be dipped in ketchup or another sauce so be prepared for that. Did I eat the full serve of 20? No, I didn’t.

I’m just thankful that ALDI haven’t stopped selling their cheeseburger spring rolls.


The Shelf Life Verdict
The Shelf Life verdict

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