The Shelf Life Review: Coles Vegemite and Cheese Hot Cross Buns

I didn’t get my hands on these limited Coles Vegemite & Cheese hot cross buns last year, so didn’t hesitate when I saw these on Friday.

First observation: I’m not sure why they bothered with whatever / wherever the cross is meant to be. Let’s stop this nonsense, then people can stop complaining about when we’re allowed to eat buns.

Second observation: these are not individual buns, they’re just a big slab of bread you have to cut up.

Observations aside, the buns taste as you would hope – very savoury, but thankfully the flavour isn’t over the top. These were a hit with the family, although I found them doughy even after toasting (presumably due to the loaf construction).

I’ve always been curious about the UK Marmite & Cheese buns, so I committed what is possibly a food-crime and slapped on some Chilli Marmite. Has anyone ever had Vegemite and Marmite in the same mouthful before? Am I a yeasty pioneer, or something much worse? ? Either way, this was a fantastic combo.

The Shelf Life verdict

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