The Shelf Life Review: ALDI ChocoAir Aero Chocolate

I’m a fan of ALDI in general, and find most of their products hit the mark – a lot of them are produced for the highly competitive European market, after all. There have been quite a few new products introduced here recently, and I didn’t hesitate to snap up these ChocoAir Aero-ish bars at $1.99 each (roughly half the price of the name-brand equivalent).

These do the job more than adequately and there’s certainly nothing to complain about. I think the chocolate coating may be a little bit thicker than Aero, but that’s by no means a negative as the quality of ALDI chocolate is always excellent. The flavours were spot on, and I’ll be back for more orange without question.

At this price, ALDI is the clear winner. Great job.


The Shelf Life Verdict
The Shelf Life verdict

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