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The Minimalist Lifestyle: Why and How

You’ve probably heard about it before, but what is actually the point of having a minimalist lifestyle? And how does it differ from the minimalist design? Living it and looking like you’re living it is certainly two very different things; where the design is made for those who enjoy a clean, white and no-nonsense look in their home, the lifestyle is for those who enjoy not having much stuff at all.

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You should basically be able to fit all of your belongings into a backpack, and it is said to give you a stress-free and happy life.

Here is a quick breakdown of the idea, so that you at least know what you’re talking about the next time the topic emerges.

Promoting what we value

At its most basic, it’s about promoting the things we value the most and getting rid of everything else. It shifts the focus away from possessing and consuming so that you have time to focus on everything else. It sounds kind of great, right?

Sadly, this is difficult for most of us with a family who can’t really get rid of everything that’s not essential. That means that we have to get rid of other people’s stuff and, although it would be fun for us, it would probably not create the kind of harmony we’re looking for in the household.

We’re still able to practice bits of the lifestyle, though, by understanding how clutter can mess with our heads and how simplicity makes it a lot easier to breathe out and lower our shoulders. Keep it in mind for the next time you’re doing a spring clean; have a look at and let them carry your rubbish away.

It slows you down

Perhaps the reason that this lifestyle is so trendy lately is the same as for yoga and meditation. It slows our minds a bit, gives room to breathe, and works as a reaction to the manic lifestyle that many people force themselves into. When your weekdays feels a bit too crazy, it’s nice to come home to a place that is tidy and without the clutter of objects.

You get to cherish the stuff you actually enjoy and won’t even have to think about doing that huge spring clean as there are too little things to make a mess of your home.

It brings your focus inwards

Just like with meditation, the lack of possessions and an external focus makes it easier to look for happiness inwards instead. Little by little, you will start to find a bit more joy in spending time with others, cherishing relationships, and experiences.

It’s the kind of stuff everyone says matters the most, but we tend to forget about it in the rush of making more money to buy more things. Read more about it here if you’d like to start small.

Even if we’re not able to live a truly minimalist life, the knowledge about it is a good reminder that it is possible.