The Best Places to Buy Coffee Beans Online in Perth

Coffee Beans

The daily coffee routine is something that changed for many of us during isolation. While we could still venture out for a takeaway brew, it’s not the same without customer-to-barista interaction. Many road warriors, myself included, found themselves professionally homeless.

Chances are you have some form of brewing equipment at home, be it an espresso machine, Nespresso or even that Aeropress you received for Christmas. If you don’t, maybe it’s time to invest in some. The thought of cracking open a two-year-old jar of instant hidden in the cupboard is too much to bear. Thankfully, Perth’s coffee roasters are still working and selling beans online to keep us caffeinated. Here’s five worth checking out.

Twin Peaks Coffee Roasters

A craft roastery based in Morley, Twin Peaks coffee is a fixture in over 20 Perth cafes and a regular guest for filter in many more. Blends and rotating single origins are available for one-off purchases, as well as fortnightly and monthly subscription options. Shipping is free in the Perth metro area, and free on all orders over $60 Australia-wide.

The Twin Peaks website also offers handy guides on getting the most out of filter coffee, whether you’re brewing by French press, pourover or Aeropress.

Laika Roasters

Lathlain-based coffee roaster and namesake cafe Laika hit the Perth coffee scene with a bang two years ago. All Laika coffees are single origin and there is always a wide range to select from. Thankfully subscriptions are offered if choosing is too tricky. Shipping is free, and coffee can be pre-ground for espresso and filter. Keep an eye on social media for discount codes.

If you’re not a confident home-barista, Laika also sell Nespresso-compatible compostable capsules in three varieties.


Perhaps best known as the cafe where many Perth baristas go for coffee (not to mention a great Reuben sandwich), Modus also roasts its own coffee. While the range is relatively small, the coffees are the same as used in-store so you know the quality is without question.

Modus’ new “Singles Club” is a monthly single-origin subscription, available as whole beans or pre-ground for any brewing method. Pourover and Aeropress equipment are also available from the Modus website.

Blacklist Coffee Roasters

One of Perth’s best-known coffee roasters, Blacklist have been winning national awards for its coffee since 2015. Its beans will be familiar to many local cafe-goers through both its Blacklist and Queen Bee brands. There are plenty of single-origins and blends available to buy online, including handy bundles and subscriptions if you’re not sure where to start. Keep an eye on social media for free shipping codes. Nespresso-compatible pods are also offered.

Blacklist also sells a range of filter equipment and accessories, and even a coffee meat rub to caffeinate your isolation grilling.

Margaret River Roasting Company

Wine isn’t the only drink coming out of Margaret River, with the Margaret River Roasting Company producing blends and single origins to ease your caffeine cravings. Currently offering four blends and seven singles, there’s plenty to choose from.

The crew also produce live videos through Facebook and Instagram to entertain those of us missing our regular barista chats. “Talking coffee” offers an insight into the coffee industry every Tuesday at 10am, and training videos every Thursday at 10am cover techniques such as brewing and latte art.

Honourable mentions

Humblebee Coffee Roasters
Community Coffee Co.       
Leftfield Coffee Roasters   
Offshoot Coffee                   
Five Senses Coffee              
Pound Coffee Roastery       
Grouch & Co                         
Micrology Coffee Roasters 
Darkstar Coffee                   
Mano a Mano                      
Gesha Coffee Co                  
La Veen Coffee                    
Little Owl Coffee Roasters 
Loaded Craft Coffee Roasters
Precision Coffee Roasters  
Crema Coffee Co                 
Fiori Coffee                           
Yahava Coffee                      
Karvan Coffee                      

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