The Best Burger Joints In Western Sydney

When travelling the length and breadth of somewhere like Australia, there are a lot of things to enjoy and to make the most of. 

Australia offers a whole host of amazing opportunities such as hiking in the outback, seeing wild kangaroos and koalas in the bush, and buying a Jetpilot wetsuit to go scuba diving in the many stunning locations such as Victoria Beach. 

However, if you are around the Sydney area this year and are looking for the best grub out there – we have some of the best burger joints for you to visit today. 

1. Out of The Blue

This is a family owned burger joint in Sydney which is popular throughout the whole region. This place is mostly used for takeaways, however they also offer some nice seating inside for anyone who wants to experience their meal in house. Their menu has all of the amazing classics plus a few unique specials which really make a splash. Jean Marc’s famous curry chicken burger is one you shouldn’t be missing out on during your trip to Sydney. 

2. Paul’s Famous Hamburgers

There are many amazing burger joints in and around the city of Sydney however this is the oldest of them all. This award winning burger joint can provide you with the most high quality burgers and sides, and provide a great experience for you along the way. The Works burger is one you have to try when visiting this joint. 

3. Down N’ Out

You may have already heard of this burger joint – but this is the Aussie equivalent of In N’ Out burgers in the US. As far as fast food goes, these burgers have always gone beyond what you thought possible and there are many delicious additions on the menu. If you already love In N’ Out burgers, you’ll feel right at home with these. 

4. Five Points Burger

A lot of burger joints like to add a touch of American flair when creating their dishes – and Five Points Burger uses a New York theme for its restaurant and menu. The Five Points stand for the five areas in New York: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Each of the areas has their own signature burger and they are all unique. If you’re a veggie – the Staten Island burger is the ideal choice for you with mushroom, tzatziki, and cheese. 

5. Rockpool Bar & Grill

Rockpool Bar & Grill has some wonderful dining rooms and this venue brings a touch of class to the humble burger. At this location, you’ll be able to taste the melt in your mouth wagyu beef burger in all its glory. Pairing a wagyu beef burger with a glass of red wine is a way to dine in style at this burger joint. 

6. Mary’s

If you love the atmosphere of a dark bar or club, you’ll love the low lighting and graffiti strewn walls of Mary’s. This burger joint creates a fabulous atmosphere and pairs its food with strong cocktails to really make for a fun night out. Even once you’ve eaten your burger and fried chicken you’ll stay for the atmosphere and for the drinks, and will likely want to come back the next day for a hangover cure! 

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