Tapped by Otherside Calls Local Artists for Can Collab


Tapped by Otherside Brewing Co. is calling for local artists to get involved in an exciting new initiative that will see their artworks immortalised on cans of Otherside beer. Artists can apply to be part of Otherside’s Creative Release which captures creative works that reflect four seasonal beer styles.

Otherside’s Creative Series is a Tapped by Otherside initiative. The Tapped fund was launched in 2016 by Otherside Brewing Co. to support emerging creative talent including musicians, artists and film-makers through artist collaborations, incubator programs and grants.

Commentating on the Creative Release, Otherside Brewing Co. Marketing Manager Steve Finney said, “this is a really exciting initiative which unites the art of brewing with visual arts. The Creative Release is a series of four annual brews which push the creative brewing talents of our brewing team and challenges the status quo in contemporary beer branding.”

“Every three months we will call for art submission by local artists, selecting a total of four designs to showcase across the series. Each winning artist will receive a Tapped grant and artist residency at Freo.Social providing valuable, mentoring and networking opportunities to support career development.”

Headliner is the first of the seasonal brews to be released and kicks off the Creative Release today. It features artwork by Maylands-based artist William Kitely which the Brewery said appealed for its link to the beer and iconic Western Australian landscape.

“William’s piece is a great opener for our Creative Release. His work reflects Headliner’s colouring and flavour profile and is a striking design for a big, bold beer.” Steve said.

William said his design reflected the connection between the Perth Hills landscape and the bright, hoppy and complex palette of the Headliner Double IPA.

“The pine, citrus, and the hops in this IIPA reminded me of the lull of Summer – as those sea breezes slowly roll up towards the Perth Hills releasing the pollen of Darlington’s old pine trees far and wide.”

Headliner will be available from 1 August until mid-November at Otherside Brewhouse, Freo.Social and various retailers.

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