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Whilst some may enjoy the adrenaline rush of climbing a mountain or cage-diving with sharks, this type of travel isn’t for everyone. Taking things at a slower pace could be a much more rewarding way to see the world for those in their twilight years or for those with health problems (or for those that simply prefer to do things more leisurely). Here just several ways to take it slow on your travels, whilst still soaking up as many new experiences as possible.

Take your tastebuds on an adventure

Travelling could be a chance to explore new exotic flavours and gastronomic experiences, many of which won’t require any physical work. There are plenty of food and drink themed activities abroad to consider. You could make it your mission to try a new restaurant every night in Kyoto, or you could stay on a farm in Italy and enjoy pizzas and pasta dishes each day sourced from homegrown and home-reared ingredients. You could visit the birthplace of various dishes or splash out on food from award-winning restaurants.

Festivals and food tours can sometimes require a little more walking and could be a struggle for some people who need to take things slow due to mobility issues. That said you will find some tours specifically catered at older crowds such as this wine tour of Napa Valley’s vineyards, allowing you to take a tour via coach. Do you research so that you know what you’re getting into.

Look out for live entertainment

Live entertainment is also great for those that don’t want to be too active. A trip abroad could be a chance to catch a theatre show at Broadway or it could be a chance to see a fire dance in Bali. There are so many different types of live entertainment to choose from including theatre, dance, ballet, opera, live music and sports. You could book something ahead or choose a destination where you have the chance to stumble upon live entertainment in bars and on the street.

If you’re not a fan of rowdy crowds you may want to avoid certain types of entertainment such as local sports games and music festivals. Ideally you want something seated – there are many forms of entertainment where you can eat whilst watching a performance.  If you need special access such as a ramp or a lift, check that the venue has these facilities – most large performance venues around the world are equipped whilst smaller one’s may not be.

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Kick back on a cruise

Cruises are an excellent way to travel for those that want to enjoy things at a slower pace. An ocean cruise could allow you to explore multiple countries in one trip whilst being able to spend each night in a cosy cabin whilst dining in the evenings on top quality food. It’s ideal for those wanting a more luxurious and slower alternative to interrailing or a roadtrip.

You can also take river cruises as an activity whilst on a city break such as this Thames river cruise. These cruises can be a great way of seeing the city sights without having to walk a huge distance – many even offer lunch services and drinks on board. Travelling by water can have its risks – if you’re older and prone to falls you may want to take out health cover abroad. You can find insurance information for seniors when travelling online. Many cruises are fairly safe, but for your own security it could be worth having cover.

Book a safari

There are many safaris across the globe that could allow you to get up and close with exotic wildlife. Whilst some of these safaris are faster and a little more rugged, others are taken at a gentler pace such as this Kenya wildlife safari. Such an activity could be a great opportunity for thrills without having to physically exert yourself too much – just make sure to look for companies that offer customized itineraries and perks such as disabled access. There are plenty of other wildlife adventures to be had across the world that could allow you to see everything from American bison to Asian elephants.  

Enjoy some spa treatment

Few activities are more relaxing and slow paces than a trip to a spa. You’ll find spa centres all around the world offering exotic settings, great food and a range of therapeutic services from authentic Indian head massages in India to natural hydrotherapy in Iceland. If you need to take things slow as the result of joint problems or achy bones, some of these spa treatments could be excellent for alleviating chronic pain on top of giving you the chance to relax. Pick a destination you’ve always wanted to go and look for a spa facility within the area.

Tour galleries and museums

Galleries and museums are a great way of absorbing a place’s history and culture. Whilst some galleries and museums can be large and may require a lot of walking around, you still have the option to take things at your own pace providing that you’re not on a guided tour. Check beforehand for lifts and other easy access options if you don’t want to tackle flights of stairs. Museum and gallery access is free in some cities around the world such as London and Stockholm – visit during weekdays out of season to avoid the crowds.  

Explore natural wonders with easy access

Whilst some natural wonders can be a mission to get to, many others are easily accessible without having to hike or climb. Many mountains across the world can be accessed via cable cart or train. When it comes to underwater sights meanwhile there are glass bottomed boats and submarines to try rather than having to don scuba diving gear. Just make sure to take into account factors such as altitude or pressure – certain activities that seem innocent enough may come with health warnings that shouldn’t be ignored if you’re a sufferer of a condition likely to be affected.