Take that, McDonald’s: Hungry Jack’s Packs are here

There’s been a remarkable amount of interest in my piece on the new McDonald’s Mates Meals – well now it’s time for Hungry Jack’s (the Aussie Burger King) to fight back. Here come the Jack’s Packs…

First up we have the “2 pack”, including two burgers, one large fries, one regular onion rings, two small drinks and two sundaes. Surely the size of the drinks and quantity of fries & onion rings makes this a meal for one?

Next we get the “4 pack”, including four burgers, two large fries, two regular onion rings, four small drinks and four sundaes. Sounds like a good lunch for two.

And beating McDonald’s in sheer quantity we have – you guessed it – the “six pack”, predictably including six burgers, three large fries, three regular onion rings, six small drinks and six sundaes. Wow that’s a bargain – sounds like a great night in, and an even longer one on the toilet.

No sign of a breakfast packs….yet. Check out the commercial here.

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Martin was born in England but now lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has a passion for breakfast, coffee, hot curries & fast food, and is a cat & Dalek person.


  • Can someone PLEASE tell me what time these “Jacks Packs” these are available from…..

  • ………………..I have always liked Hungry Jacks food and it is much better than the CRAP Mcdonalds try to pass off as food. Go Hungos………………

  • I tell you the better lift there game at the Hallam store cause there is 3 very Hungary boys on there way!!!!

  • Hungry jacks inside knox city food court are disrespectful and screw up my orders on a regular basis get new staff who can hear they stuff up and expect you to pay more when they do lift your game or I will put in a complaint about the constant mess and food over the floors

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