Christmas is just around the corner, and while there’s many a person out there frantically trying to find all those perfect last minute presents, some of us have other priorities. Yes, if you’re a lover of the finer things in life, then it won’t be presents that you’re most looking forward to: it’ll be all those delicious snacks and drinks you get to enjoy with friends and family. But what do you need to have in the cabinet? Below, we take a look at some of the most in vogue drinks, so you can ensure everyone who stops by your house can have their tipple of choice.


Craft Beer

The craft beer revolution continues to march forward, and we hope it never slows down. While there are plenty of people quite content with the standard issue larger you’ll find in bars across the country, the majority of people never look back once they’ve tried a delicious IPA. Wherever you are, there’ll almost certainly be a brewery (or a dozen) producing their own ales near you. You might be a little bit too late if you want to produce your own craft beer (it’d be ready in time for Valentine’s Day, though…), so load up the fridge with offerings from your microbreweries.

The Rise of Gin

Just what in the world is going on with gin? Once an outdated classic, gin has come back in a massive way, and may reasonably be considered the most popular drink of all at the moment, especially with so many different styles available to buy. Buy a couple of different types, grab some high-quality tonic water, and you’ll have perfect drink to serve when your guests arrive. And don’t forget to get creative: cucumber, pepper, Tabasco sauce and just about everything else can all be used with gin.

A Bottle of Scotch

Some people can find scotch to be a little bit too strong, but this is Christmas, and what’s Christmas without spinning a finely aged tumbler of whisky around in your hand? There’s an art to drinking whisky. To begin, make sure what you’re buying is high quality: no-one’s going to enjoy a bargain bin bottle of whisky. Second of all, remember that there is a long list of “don’ts” when it comes to serving the drink. One thing that is permitted is a few drops of water: it’ll take the burn away, and will release the drink’s hidden flavours. Delicious!

Those Sunny Days

Finally, let’s not forget that it’s likely to be a scorcher on Christmas day. As such, make sure you’ve got all the ingredients you need to prepare those favourite summer mixes. You can’t go wrong with a well-crafted margarita or mojito, especially if you’re celebrating the season with a BBQ! Refreshing, crisp, delicious: exactly as it should be!

The Christmas food is a different topic altogether. But serve the best drinks, and you won’t have too many people complaining if the food doesn’t turn out quite as you planned. Cheers to that!


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