Jus Burgers – starting the long weekend with a salted caramel shake

I happened to find myself at a loose end in Subiaco late on Friday afternoon, so decided to head to Jus Burgers for an early dinner before the crowds arrived.


I couldn’t resist trying the salted caramel thickshake ($ 6.50) which tasted as good as it looked. There’s nothing particularly subtle about this – super-rich caramel and most definitely salty – but I thought the flavour and texture were perfect. They also sell a chocolate shake but I don’t think I could ever go past this one.


For the main event I chose the Pommy Burger ($13.50) with cheddar & back bacon (and no tomato in mine). The burger patty was really tasty and I particularly liked the cheddar cheese, which kept its shape and texture. All in all a very tasty burger.

A great start to the Anzac Day long weekend!

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