Speedy snack test: Smith’s gravy flavoured potato chips


I have been known to moan about the lack of variety in Australian potato chips (or crisps, my much preferred term); overseas you can get a wide selection of flavours and textures that you don’t see here. Readers from the UK will no doubt be familiar with Hula Hoops, KP Skips and Monster Munch – thankfully they are a lot easier to buy in Australia than they used to be.

Handy shopping hint for Perth readers: UK Central in Joondalup often has crisps that are just past their sell-by date at 10 packets for $5, which is an absolute bargain. The last lot I bought were fine…so take a bag / trailer with you.

So down to business, and the new limited edition “gravy” flavour from Smith’s. I’m guessing these are the same as those from “The People’s Chip” promotion headed by Hamish and Andy back in 2008, which no doubt most people have forgotten about, and I can’t remember how they tasted. There’s certainly no mention of this on the packet.


Now I’m not a fan of gravy for its own sake – probably because I’m not a big chip (the other type) eater – but I’m always open to try new crisp flavours. I thought that Smith’s could have made them sound a little more exotic – a simple “gravy” on a very brown bag looks a little “couldn’t be bothered” to me. The crisps themselves just look dirty.

So how do they taste? Quite horrible. Like beef flavour (or maybe Vegemite?) that’s gone wrong. Yuck. Stay away.


Walkers in the UK are currently running a promotion to find a new flavour, with the jaw-dropping prize of 1-million pounds for the winner (subject to some very lengthy terms & conditions). I’m not sure about this variety!


Obviously-owned-by-the-same-global-behemoth USA brand Lays is running exactly the same promotion, with a prize of US$1 million. Check the promotional website here to see some cool (and weird) suggestions. I’ll pass on these, thanks!

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  • Dang, I was actually quite interested in trying this product out, with hopes the gravy flavour would be this savoury beefy goodness. But by the sounds of it, it was too salty?

  • No, they weren’t too salty – just unpleasant. If I didn’t know what they were supposed to be, I wouldn’t have guessed gravy.

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