Snack-food Review: Tim Tam dark chocolate mint and rum & raisin

For those outside of Australia, Arnott’s Tim Tams are a chocolate biscuit that many Australians living overseas apparently send for by the carton-load because they can’t live without them. According to Wikipedia, an average of 1.7 packs per Australian are sold every year, which means that there’s quite a few Australians missing out based on my household’s consumption. They’re nice, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about; they’re not that much different to a McVitie’s Penguin.

Tim Tams are available in different varieties including original, chewy caramel, dark chocolate, white chocolate, double coat and the strange Tim Tam Crush range. There have also been some limited editions – including the controversial Tia Maria –Β  with the very latest being dark chocolate mint and rum & raisin.

Tim Tams

I’m a big fan of dark chocolate and mint-choc is one of my favourite biscuit combinations (orange-choc being my favourite), although I found that in this case the chocolate really overpowered the mint. They smell just like an After Eight, and are by no means unpleasant although I’d rather have an Arnott’s mint slice – or a mandarin slice, if you can still buy them.

Rum & raisin isn’t a flavour that I’m particularly fond of. The biscuits themselves smell faintly of caramel; according to the packet they contain only 0.01% alcohol, so like the Tia Maria variety you’re going to need to scoff a few thousand to get tipsy. There’s some kind of chewy substance on the inside – I’m not sure if it’s meant to be rum, raisin or both – it tastes almost like apricot jam to me.Β  The overall biscuits aren’t unpleasant, but there’s no way I’d have guessed that they were rum & raisin if it wasn’t on the packet.

It was nice to try them, but I won’t be buying any more of either variety.

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