Product Review: Nougat & Gingery Candied Orange Peel Toblerone

Regular readers will know that I love orange chocolate, and it’s been a particularly distressing year seeing endless products coming out in the UK. So of course I was thrilled at the release of this Instagram-unfriendly “gingery candied orange peel” Toblerone.

For orange chocolate sceptics, this may be an opportunity to change your mind as the flavour is subtly scattered throughout the chocolate. One bite orange, the next ginger. It’s cleverly done, and this is a sophisticated product that clearly hasn’t been developed in a hurry.

A no-brainer for orange chocolate lovers, and a worthy try for everyone else to see how it should be done.

The Shelf Life Verdict
  • Nougat & Gingery Candied Orange Peel Toblerone

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