The first time I was approached by Menulog through my food blog I was flattered – as a blogger it’s exciting when you start being recognised, and the offer of freebies is a bonus! They offered a give-away for my readers and the opportunity for a free meal in return for an article. Unfortunately I discovered that they didn’t have any restaurants that delivered to my area so I declined the offer.

I didn’t think much of it when I received the email a second time; an honest mistake, no doubt. But today I was contacted a third time, with a rather amusing twist:


Hope you are well.

I recently emailed you to introduce myself, just in case you missed it my name is (deleted) and I work for Menulog. I previously mentioned my mission at Menulog (not sure if you have heard about this company, we sell food and a lot of different food) is to help bloggers get out there and experience new takeaway restaurants online.

I found your blog online and really liked your post “A new day at midnight”. I have a passion for food and enjoy eating everything from gourmet meals to simple well-known pizza!

I have added a couple of opportunities for us to partner, see below:

– Run a give-away for your followers (Do you need free prizes? I can organise them)
– Review Menulog and create a dummys guide post – How to: Order Food Delivery Online or a How it works: Ordering Takeaway Online(I can organise a free meal for the article)

 If this is something you are interested in, either doing one of the options or both, please let me know and I can send more details. Otherwise, if you have another idea send it through so we can discuss.

 Thanks for your time,

So what was the twist? The post that he “really liked” was the one where I explained that I was to go to hospital to have a gastric sleeve the next day, so it was quite obvious that the title was selected randomly and hadn’t been read. I can see the humour in it, but if I was more sensitive I could have been very offended. Maybe they should find someone who’s just had a leg amputated and offer them some free shoes?

Shame on you, Menulog.



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