Seeing Sydney In Style: 10 Tips To Maximise Your Enjoyment

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Heading to Sydney and want to make the most of your time in the city? Of course, you do. Here’s how to do it in 10 simple steps.

#1. Travel In Style

When booking your trip, you can easily overlook the importance of the journey. Likewise, you won’t remember the tiredness when you return home. Nonetheless, it’s imperative that you choose comfortable flights at comfortable times.

This is important for domestic flights and even more significant for international ones. Sydney Airport is only 5 miles away from the city centre, but you’ll still want to plan the route. After all, there’s nothing worse than being stuck with loads of luggage.

Starting your trip in style is vital. Do not forget it.

#2. Book Accommodation In A Good Location

Sydney is an incredible city blessed with many attractions. In truth, even the residents of Emerald City are unlikely to experience everything it has to offer. When your time is limited, spending hours on the road getting between different venues is the last thing you need.

While the city centre is blessed with some good hotels, nothing beats the privacy and style of a serviced luxury apartment. Visit for more info on how to take advantage of this opportunity. You will not regret it.

The extra hours you’ll spend enjoying the city will make all the difference.  

#3. Be Prepared For The Sun

When you look at the average temperatures for Sydney, you may think that it’s not overly hot. However, you’ll probably spend a lot of time out in the sun with skin on show. If you aren’t careful, you could spend most of the holiday nursing your sunburn or heat stroke.

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Therefore, it’s imperative that you take the necessary precautions. Sunblock, sunglasses, hats, and after sun creams are all essential features. While they are readily available in the city, it’s probably best to pack them before you travel.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when the sun is involved.

#4. Get Up In The Sky

You haven’t picked Sydney as your holiday destination on a whim. There is naturally a huge list of attractions that you wish to see, including the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. While you’ll certainly want to see them at ground level, you shouldn’t end the adventure there.   

Helicopter tours over the city are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will treasure those memories forever, and can get some incredible photos. Visit to learn more about them. Whether you’re a solo traveller, a couple, or family, this is ideal.

This is a truly magical adventure.

#5. Delight Your Taste Buds

Sydney has many different things to offer. However, every great holiday should include delighting your taste buds with the local cuisines. Sydney is certainly no different. Not least because you’ll lose any guilt due to the walking you’ll do.

In addition to an array of classy and exclusive restaurants, the city boasts cheap eateries. This is the perfect chance to try something completely new or a Sydney twist on a classic. Besides, this is a great chance to sit back and enjoy the backdrops while spending time with your travel party.

Great food will truly take your enjoyment to the next level.

#6. Explore The Tourist Attractions   

When visiting Sydney, there are many wonderful things to see and do. Given that this is a very tourist-friendly city, most of those major attractions can be seen up and close via tours. Whether you’re eager to see everything or just want to learn about the history, this is the way to go.

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As well as the standard tours, it’s possible to do things like climb the harbour bridge for a unique take on the attraction. Special trips like this truly make your adventure stand out. In truth, there’s no better place to do it than Sydney.

For the sake of a few extra dollars, your holiday will be infinitely improved.

#7. Get Tips From The Locals

In addition to the obvious tourist attractions, Sydney boasts thousands of adventures. By speaking to the locals, most of whom are very friendly, you’ll find out about things most people miss out. This is key to enjoying the perfect trip to the Emerald City.

The coastal trek from Manly to Spit is just one example. Meanwhile, there are plenty of nightlife spots that are frequented by locals. Visiting them can feel far more satisfying than the standard clubs mentioned in the guidebooks. Young Henry’s brewery is ideal for a day session too.

Ask for advice, and you shall receive.

#8. Spend Some Time On The Beaches

Bondi beach is one of the most famous on the planet while Marley beach is another magical destination. After exploring the city, nothing beats a day or two of sun, sea, and sand. This is synonymous with luxury holidays, and Sydney is the place to enjoy it.

The calm vibes are sure to put you in true holiday mode while the sceneries are beautiful too. Mix this up with a few water sports, and you won’t go far wrong. Visit to learn how you can become truly proficient on the waters. Not only at the beach.

A trip to Sydney isn’t complete without the sea and sand.

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#9. Go To An Event

There’s no better way to soak in the energy of a city than attending an event. Whether it’s sport or music, Sydney is home to a plethora of excellent venues. Even if you’re not usually a massive fan, you should put a trip like this on your agenda.

A trip to Sydney Cricket Ground or the Allianz Arena on matchday will feel electric. Alternatively, there are dozens of excellent venues for gigs, including the Opera House. The comedy scene is very strong too, which is always worth checking out.

You might be in your private group, but it’s good to share moments with the locals.

#10. Bring Your Camera

Sydney is truly a stunning place to visit, and no traveller will leave feeling disappointed. Still, if you want to truly get the most out of the trip, it’s vital that you capture those moments. This will allow you to keep those memories fresh in the mind for years to come.

A great DSLR camera will serve you well while a GoPro can be very useful too. Be sure to pack a portable battery charger too, as nobody wants to miss out on capturing those perfect shots due to running out of juice.

Now that you’re prepared, you’ll see that Sydney is sublime.

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