Safety First: Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures

A pool in the house is often a great place to be if you need to unwind and relax. You can play with your kids in or out of the pool, or chill while having a drink on your backyard porch.

Although what happens with the pool when you are inside the house or at work? You would also wish for it to stay clean for as long as possible and protected against critters that might find their way on your patio and into the pool.

There are protective swimming pool enclosures that you can have installed so you can rest assured that it is safe not just for your kids, but also from any untoward accidents.

Types of Customizable Pool Enclosures

  • Low height structures

This is perfect for pool owners that are not so comfortable with a tall structure to cover the pool. You can safely avoid lousy weather during pool parties if you close the structure. If you would like to swim in the open air, you can also open the structure entirely.

  • Medium height structures

This design is perfect if you want a little leg room inside the enclosure. Similar to the low height structure, it has the same benefit of being protected from the forces of nature, as well as the heat of the sweltering sun. If you have a pool and spa near one another, this will be an excellent option for an enclosure.

  • High structures

The space for this structure is significant, allowing space for people to walk around the pool, or have a place to chill and lounge while inside the pool area.

Benefits of Customizable Pool Enclosures

First, convenience, as you can use the pool regardless of the weather. You can also save a lot on heating, as some swimming pool enclosures often trap the warmth inside.

An enclosure can also keep dust and debris out, and in the event of a storm, it can keep torn trees and leaves out of the pool. You will not need to pay a fortune on pool-cleaning fees and keep your costs to a minimum.

With the design of the enclosure, you will not need to worry about the decreasing level of pool water because of evaporation due to the heat.

Some pool enclosures have the option for locks, which can give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to protecting your children, keeping them safe.

Types of Pool and Spa Enclosures

  • Screened pool enclosures

Made entirely of aluminium, this type is lightweight and durable.

  • Polycarbonate pool enclosures

The panels work like a greenhouse, and with direct exposure to sunlight, helps trap the warmth in the enclosure. It is especially helpful when the weather is a bit cold.

  • Retractable pool enclosures

Also made from polycarbonate, this type has the option of retracting its panels to a specific position where you are given more legroom around the pool. It can also resist excessive heat and UV rays.

You might be able to find yourself a different type of pool enclosure, but always remember to choose the one that fits your pool.

If you already have a type in mind, be aware of the facts and the advantages it can give you to see if you can fully maximize the enclosure when you have it installed.

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