Runyeh Coffee Cafe-Roastery Opens in Heathridge

Josh McGinnity is the man behind some of Perth’s best-known cafes. An architect by trade, his first hospitality venue was Hylin, followed by Lathlain cafe-roastery Laika. His latest venue is a new cafe-roastery in perhaps an unexpected location – Heathridge’s Runyeh Coffee.

Situated in a typical-looking suburban shopping centre, Runyeh brings specialty coffee and quality brunch to the far-ish northern suburbs. The location may seem like a risk, but was carefully chosen with a certain clientele in mind.

“I looked as far as North Freo, all the way up to even further than here,” says Josh. “I was looking for a community similar to Lathlain, a suburb that was up and coming and had young families wanting to go out and support the community.”

Runyeh Coffee

After selling Laika, Josh helped Micrology Coffee construct and operate its new Osborne Park premises, arguably Perth’s best coffee bar. Initially agreeing to six months part-time, he stayed for two years. Josh’s close relationship with Micrology and its founder Dan Ash has carried over to the new venue.

“I’ve always been really close with Dan. When we started Hylin, we were one of Dan’s first roasting clients. So we had that startup phase with him, and found we had very similar ethics,” says Josh. “We’re less about trying to make big profit, but more about building a place where friends and family would come. You make money from the volume of people coming through.”

Runyeh Coffee

Open 7 days from 6am, Runyeh is also a roastery. Installed in the cafe is Australia’s first electric coffee roaster from German manufacturer Probat, who shipped it to Runyeh after its debut at August’s MICE (Melbourne International Coffee Expo). Fully solar powered, it’s an obvious response to increasing gas prices and, of course, much better for the environment. Josh also sees it as a way to attract barista talent to the northern suburbs.

Runyeh Coffee

“We’re not striving to be a roastery that provides coffee for cafes far and wide; we want to use it as a way to get really good staff,” he says. “It’s a game changer because so many baristas live around Vic Park and the city. There’s a thousand cafes between here and there, so why would they drive here? Now they finish their shifts and do cuppings and tastings, and their friends come as well.”

Runyeh’s milk blend will be roasted in-house in conjunction with Micrology, while the staff will roast blacks and single origins. Bottomless batch brew is on offer (an attractive but perhaps dangerous proposition).

Runyeh Coffee

When it comes to food, original Laika chef Lisa is in the kitchen, and also a partner in the business. Dishes range from the usual suspects to croquettes, French toast and an all-day pasta dish. See the starting menu in the pictures below.

A menu highlight is a rotating selection of three made-to-order sandwiches, designed to offer restaurant-quality food at a reasonable price .The substantial brisket-based “Reuben But Different” has already proved very popular (for good reason, I’m happy to confirm).

“I’m done with the days where you’ve got a glass cabinet with thirty chicken sandwiches in it,” says Josh. “You can come here and spend $15 rather than $25. I know the world is getting tighter, and we’d rather people come and fill the cafe. We get a lot of trade people up here as well, so it’s a substantial lunch they can eat on the road.”

There are also plans for specials and collabs with local artisan producers, such as the recent brekky muffin using sourdough English muffins from baker Bread Bros.

Already holding a liquor licence, Josh intends to make the most of Runyeh’s outdoor seating and car park by bringing much needed pop-ups to the north at night. The likes of Goldbird Hot Chicken, Yalla Balla and upcoming local breweries are at the top of the list. Keep an eye on Runyeh’s socials.

Runyeh Coffee
11/99 Caridean St, Heathridge WA 6027
Mon-Sun 6am-2pm (evening pop-ups TBA) • Instagram photos and videos

Images below by Morsels.

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  • The bread you use I think is sourdough turns as hard as a rock when toasted yesterday I ask if you had any other bread they said no but would ask to only be lightly toast but didnt happen was like concrete again would it be possible to have wholemeal bread available.

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