Review: Woolworths Hot Cross Buns

woolworths hot cross buns

I’m sure everyone is aware that hot cross buns hit the shelves just after Christmas – the media certainly like to make us think it’s the end of the world. But why not? There are many varieties available that we might as well enjoy as long as we can. And they’re one of the best vehicles for butter…

Woolworths sent me four of their varieties to try, including the Limited Edition Caramilk which is sure to get plenty of attention.

  • Traditional fruit. Exactly that. A quality, familiar bun that toasts well and has a good fruit ratio. If you like it traditional, this won’t disappoint.
  • Indulgent apple and cinnamon. The cinnamon really comes through with a noticeable but subtle apple flavour. These are very soft, even when toasted, and should be popular with kids, without resorting to chocolate.
  • Indulgent with Caramilk chips. An interesting creation, sweet and a bit one-note for me. As you can see in the first bun pic, they stay light even when toasted. Would be better with ice cream, and that’s not a bad thing! Bread and butter pudding, perhaps?
  • Brioche with Cadbury milk chocolate chips. My favourite of the four. A great brioche bun that toasts well (second bun pic) and surprisingly isn’t too sweet. Load this one with butter.

These are all good buns, and chocolate is part of the experience now. I really enjoyed the brioche chocolate, but can imagine the Caramilk finding a place in many trollies.

Thanks to Woolworths for the hot cross buns! #gifted

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