Review: Shapes Fully Loaded

shapes fully loaded

We’re being treated to plenty of new crackers this year, and today I’m trying the “Shapes Fully Loaded” from Arnotts.

Texturally these are more like the sourdough cracker things than standard Shapes, much thinner and they seem classier. Each cracker tastes like it has two layers of flavour, and they certainly live up to the “loaded” promise.

  • Ultimate Cheese. My favourite of the three. Super cheesy, like kissing a Cheezel.
  • Flame Grilled Chicken. Wasn’t a fan, but I can appreciate the effort. Think Dixie Drumsticks with stuffing added.
  • Sizzling Meatloavers. Bacon in a Biskit (can you still get them?) with extra herbs. In the middle of the three for me.

A good effort and worth trying, but there’s a lot of competition in this section of the market. We’ll see if they last.

The Shelf Life verdict
The Shelf Life verdict
  • Shapes Fully Loaded

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