Review: Mr Kipling Orange & Chocolate Tarts and Christmas Slices

I’ve been very lazy with reviews lately so it’s time to clear some backlog, starting with Christmassy stuff from the UK’s Mr Kipling. It’s great we can get more of their items here these days (and often on sale) although what happened to Mini Battenbergs?

I was excited to find the Chocolate & Orange Tarts, but found them rather sickly without enough orange. One at a time was more than enough, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The Christmas Slices were a better experience, although I’m one of those people who enjoy fruit cake and marzipan. Unsurprisingly these were a little light on flavour, but as a quick bite met with expectations.

Swipe to see the Reindeer Slices, a chocolate / caramel variant of the readily available lemon, angel and chocolate slices. I found these a bit one-note, without much flavour distinction between the two sponges. I’ll be sticking to the lighter varieties.

The Shelf Life verdict

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