Review: McDonald’s Potato Scallops, Hokey Pokey Thickshake and Aussie Angus Deluxe

It’s Wednesday, which means new Macca’s items for lunch. So new that the McDonald’s website hasn’t been updated with them yet. Odd. There are four new items today, and I tried three of them so you don’t have to.

1. Potato Scallops / cakes / lumps/ whatever. Kinda stodgy potato things, by no means unpleasant but I prefer the crunchiness of a hash brown. I’m not sure how many chickens die to make a sachet of chicken salt, but it doesn’t bring enough kick. Some will love these; try sticking one in a cheeseburger (or two in a Big Mac). At least they’re not greasy.

2. Hokey Pokey Thickshake. A definite honeycomb flavour and less of a disappointment than the McFlurry. Very sweet and hard going to drink a whole one, however. You’ll need a nap after.

3. The Aussie Angus Deluxe. On paper, a decent-sounding burger with bacon, beetroot, cheese, tomato-onion relish and aioli. I don’t remember ordering 4x aioli, but that’s what I got and the burger was almost impossible to pick up. The key component here – beetroot – wasn’t particularly tasty and was so firm it felt out of place. Disappointing.

The fourth item is a McSpicy deluxe, adding cheese and tomato to an already uninspiring burger. I’m not rushing back for any of these, unfortunately. Nothing offensive, but nothing to get too excited about either.

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