Review: Coles “Special Burger Sauce” Hot Cross Buns

Coles Special Burger Sauce Hot Cross Buns

Yes, against my better judgement I bought some Coles “Special Burger Sauce” hot cross buns. Like most “burger” flavoured products I figured there would be an overriding fake pickle taste. But would the real pickle pieces make a difference?

Normally I would toast a hot cross bun, but the instructions say to microwave, so that’s what I did. That’s usually a good way to get superheated, floppy bread…and that’s exactly what you get with these ? as for making a burger with one ?

So the flavour. Sigh. I can’t even describe it. Kind of like hot, slightly off mayonnaise mixed with pickle juice. No amount of butter can hide it. These are just weird and horrible. Why Coles, Why?

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