Recipe to Riches Review: Sweet Billie’s

DSC00403-cropThis week’s episode of Recipe to Riches featured three desserts – a salted caramel sticky date pudding, a chocolate cookie sandwich and some “apple pie balls”. Before seeing the show I quite liked the idea of the pudding, although it was clear the inventor wasn’t up to the task of commercialising her product. The balls sounded intriguing but they were dumplings infused with “apple pie” flavour, and I find it hard to imagine how they would be shipped, reheated and served.


The eventual winner was the chocolate cookie sandwich, named “Sweet Billie’s”, which looked nice enough but not exactly innovative. The inventor of Sweet Billies is Vicki Cameron-Smith, a “pathology collector” from Queensland, who originally called her product the “OMG Chocolate Sandwich Cookie”, despite being aware of the existing “OMG” range of desserts and somehow not thinking that would be a problem. Hmm.


It’s a little odd that they come frozen, and cost a rather staggering $6.99 for four “sandwiches” that look like something I could make out of ingredients I have in the cupboard. On opening the box they look quite large, and the price doesn’t seem too bad – especially when you can pay $7 in some bakeries for something half the size.


After waiting a tense hour for them to defrost (as per the instructions), the Billies were revealed to be a heavy ball of super-dense sweetness but unfortunately not much else. There was the aftertaste of cocoa, but it was hard to tell whether this was from the cookie or the fudge in the middle – there was very little to distinguish between the two.

On closer inspection, the fudge was chewy with very little flavour and the cookie was extremely dense (but admittedly moist) and studded with sugar, as you can see in the photos above. A quick review of the box reveals that one sandwich contains 15% of the recommended daily intake of energy and a whopping 26% of the recommended daily intake of sugar. Oh dear.

Sweet Billie’s should come with a health warning, and they’re not even nice enough to make the damage to your body worth it. Very, very disappointing.


Next week we continue the sweet trend, with chocolate coated caramel popcorn made by a man who looks like Kenny G, a macaron and a raspberry jam slice. Somewhat predictably I’m hoping for the popcorn although I’m sure I could be forced to eat the jam slice. I wonder what’s unique about the macaron??

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  • We tried Sweet Billies yesterday and i didn’t like them at all – UNTIL we heated them in the microwave for 30 seconds. They were so much nicer that way and I was disappointed that my daughter took my last one. HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you microwave these to get rid of that floury/dense taste. 8/10 from us.

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