Rather underwhelmed by Manu’s chocolate toffee Magnum.

Rather underwhelmed by Manu's chocolate toffee Magnum. The choc ice cream doesn't taste of much, and the toffee sauce isn't actually sauce.

For some reason, Manu Feildel has put his name to this new Magnum variety. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be French.

manu magnum
Big disappointment πŸ™ The chocolate ice cream didn’t have much flavour, and the toffee “sauce” was a limp swirl of what looked like more ice-cream – I was expecting a more caramel-like substance.

The Connoisseur ice creams are so much nicer – The Montana Mountain Mint with Chocolate Cookies is delicious.

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  • I agree, totally tasteless and no ‘toffee’ to be found in mine. Waste of good money

  • I’m generally underwhelmed by Manu himself anyway, but if a celebrity chef is asked to ‘create’ an ice-cream flavour, you’d expect much more than ‘Sherkelet Terfee’ from Manu. Because that’s NEVER been done before, has it? It’s hardly groundbreaking stuff. It’s quite ordinary, actually. Even if you say it with a French accent.

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