Quick snackfood review: Pizza Twisties


I spotted these today in the supermarket so thought I’d see how they taste. I’ve been disappointed with “limited edition” flavoured Twisties in the past so I didn’t have high hopes, especially since “pizza” is one of those made up flavours like “barbecue”. What does a barbecue taste like anyway?


To look at, these are darker than normal Twisties with small brown / green / black flecks on them (the colour is hard to distinguish). All the varieties of flavoured Twisties I’ve tried are harder than normal ones  – tasting almost stale – and these are no different. Maybe they take plain ones and put them through another cooking progress?

The picture on the packet shows a pizza with just tomato on it, and the only obvious flavouring on the ingredient list (apart from the vague “herb” and “spices”) is tomato powder. Flavour-wise, there’s not much to speak of apart from a very subtle tomato & herb-y flavour, kind of like diluted Pizza Shapes.

I wouldn’t bother buying these again, but I’ve had much worse and they are worth trying if you’re a Twisties fan .

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