Quick breakfast (with a surprise) at Coffee Break, Malaga Markets


Some days I just fancy a decent sized breakfast with no frills; an unglamorous plate of bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns, baked beans and toast is perfect – nothing difficult, complex or fancy. Well today was one of those days and since half of Perth was still closed after Christmas / New Year I decided to take my chances at Malaga Markets food hall.

malaga2I’d had a rather dodgy breakfast (with onions!) at the markets before (see here) so this time I went to “Coffee Break”, a slightly less obvious choice for breakfast. And before you ask, no I did not try the coffee. The menu is nothing to get excited about but quite extensive, with all sorts of burgers / sandwiches / hot meals / drinks / cakes to be found at reasonable prices.


So onto breakfast, which was surprisingly good. Twice as much bacon as you normally get around town, tasty sausage, okay scrambled egg, plenty of beans (you can have mushrooms instead if you’re mad), tomato and two slices of toast. I really can’t understand restaurants who think that one slice of sourdough toast cut from the end of a loaf is enough for a full breakfast. All this for $13.50. But wait, there’s more…


This $13.50 breakfast also included a lasagne topper. Yes, I know how wrong this is, and I felt like I needed a shower afterwards, but it was GOOD. If you’ve never indulged in the delights of a lasagne topper, it’s basically some savoury “mince” and a gooey cheese-like (or is it potato? it’s certainly not pasta!) substance, magically crumbed and deep fried. You normally eat them in moments of desperation / weakness at remote service stations, and it is closely related to the lesser-spotted cottage-pie topper.

There was certainly nothing fancy about this breakfast, but there was nothing wrong with it either and for $13.50 I can’t think where I can get better value in Perth. And if the lasagne topper wasn’t enough to finish me off, I could have added hash browns for $1 each, which is about $2.50 less than many places around Perth.


There are plenty of places to eat at the markets to suit most tastes.


And lots of fresh produce, to help you wash away the guilt of a lasagne topper perhaps…

DSCF0543 (2)

No zebras died in the making of this shopping basket. I hope.

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