Quick breakfast review: Palm Beach Cafe, Rockingham

I continued my sampling of breakfasts around the Rockingham foreshore this week with a visit to the Palm Beach Cafe, a no-frills but popular venue with a fantastic view over the water.

The breakfast menu includes the usual eggs on toast with accompaniments, as well as a bacon and egg toasted baguette ($9.50), muesli with fruit salad and greek yoghurt ($9.95) and ricotta cheese pancakes ($9.50).Β No dinner menu was visible, but the lunch menu consisted of standard fare such as burgers and fish & chips at around $15-$20. There was a selection of pre-made salads, sandwiches and cakes available which looked okay but were obviously bought in from elsewhere.

The cappuccino was…perhaps a little better than I expected. Nothing special, but drinkable with a few sugars. For breakfast I ordered the “Palm Beach Big Breakfast” ($18.95) with eggs (scrambled), bacon, mushrooms, chipolatas, tomato & toast – and extra baked beans ($2). Hash browns were not on the menu.

After what seemed like about ten minutes too long, breakfast was delivered by the young and uninterested waitress. The sausages were the highlight, pork and herby without being overpowering. As for the rest – the bacon was ok, the eggs were oversalted & rubbery, and the mushrooms were so overseasoned that they were totally inedible. At least they didn’t screw the toast up.

Another highlight – the classy dish my beans came in.

This wasn’t a cheap breakfast – just under $25 including the coffee – and I was very disappointed. I’ve had some rough breakfasts but I don’t remember anywhere else where I’ve come away with an overwhelming taste of salt in my mouth. There are plenty of places to eat in the area and much better value is close by, so I’d suggest leaving the view to the tourists and giving this one a miss – at least for breakfast anyway.

Palm Beach Cafe
Shop 56, The Boardwalk
Railway Terrace
Rockingham Β  WA Β  6168
Phone: (08) 9527 4883

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